Welcome to Out Island Internet

Out Island Inter.Net, Ltd.(OII) is an Internet Service Provider(ISP) located on the beautiful island of Abaco in the Bahamas. OII opened it's doors in July of 1999, and has introduced, on Abaco, dial-up internet service and in 2002 pioneered High Speed Wireless Service. These services have changed the face of tourism and business in the Abacos as this has enabled everyone to have the WORLD available merely a mouse click away!

For the cruising yachtsman, we have our OII Internet Roaming Packages available at most of Abaco's anchorages and marinas. They can roam from one picturesque isle to another in the Abaco Chain and stay connected with the same account and never leave their vessel. We are constanly adding new WiFi Hotspots!

For the second home owner, local resident and local business, we now can offer our NEW Mach Speed Broadband Internet to locations in Abaco where the traditional cable,DSL or phone lines are not accessible, feasible or as an alternative to these ISPs. We offer different speeds for the Mach Services. (Installation Required)

We strive to deliver exceptional service, whether it be our professional installations at the customer premises, or our technical support, either live or here on our website. We are always looking for new ways to improve, update and upgrade our services to make your Internet experience the best when using OII. 

        Come and see what we have to offer, and what we can make available to you.
         ...OII, your Island Guide to the Internet and your connection to the world...